Full Detail

The Full Detail provides a comprehensive rejuvenation interior and exterior detailing. This detail is designed for vehicles that are heavily soiled and require extra attention on the inside or, on the exterior, require removing heavy tar build-up or iron deposits or applying a cleaner wax by machine to remove very minor imperfections in the vehicles paint. We pay extra attention to the interior and exterior areas that need it most. It is designed to bring out the best in your vehicle, inside and out.

*Prices may vary depending on size and condition of vehicle.

A full Detail Includes:

  • Hand Wash & Chamois Dry
  • Bug & Tar Removal
  • Clean Tires, Rims & Wheel Wells
  • Clean Door jambs,wiper blades,
  • Hand Application of Wax
  • Detail Logos & Trim to Remove
    Excess Wax Residue
  • Dress Tires & Trim
  • Blow Out/ Vacuum Interior & Trunk
  • Shampoo Upholstery, Carpets,
    Seats and Floor Mats
  • Clean all Vents, Gauges, Knobs, etc.
  • Clean & Dress all Interior Vinyl
  • Clean & Condition Leather
  • Clean Windows, Mirrors & Ashtray

Add Buff (Machine Polish) $75

Note: Prices listed above are assessed with no pet hair, and ready for waxing after washing. No Buffing or Claying.



 Compact / Sedan

Full Detail

$150 - $200

Mid Size SUV

Full Detail

$175 - $225

Large SUV or Van

Full Detail

$200 - $250


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