Pre-Sale Detail

Presale Detail

Let the right choice mobile detail help you sell your car faster and get the most value possible out of your vehicle.  We will thoroughly detail your car, take up to 4 pictures of your vehicle to replace your previous pictures on craigslist, and also give you the option to post your vehicle on the right choices victual car lot where I personally walk around it with a camcorder giving the viewer the absolute best way to see your car without actually being there. This also gives your vehicle another place to be viewed by potential buyers.

I Marvin Bryant (founder of the right choice mobile detail) worked for one of the most profitable automotive dealerships in Lexington, Ky for nearly 10 yrs preparing vehicles to be sold on their used car lot.  Now you can have these same services at your home or office at an affordable price.

I can also help find the vehicle that you are searching for and if for some reason I can’t find it, I will refer you to someone who can.

Thanks for checking out the right choice mobile detail, hope we can earn your business.